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Event promo video

Video from one of the biggest RC model events in the Czech Republic MOAS Rakovník. A beautiful show of models of aircraft, helicopters, cars or combat equipment. The price includes all-day filming and video editing.

500 € 700 €

Event video

This video was shot for the opening of a new branch of Barber shop in Brno. We are glad we could be here!

from 350 €

Video for Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

Video in the form of a report on the construction and completion of the D3 motorway section for the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. The price includes the creation of the script, 2 shooting days, transport, editing and all other related work.

2 days of shooting
3 people in crew
Completed in 14 days
from 1800 €

Ball video

Capturing the emotions on the graduation ball with the selected music.

400 €

Shooting a Press Conference for Prague Public Transit Co.

We shot a press conference for the Prague Public Transit Co. as part of the Don't Jump Under the wheel campaign, accompanied by an illustrative crash test, a demonstration of what happens to a person at a different speed at tram crashes. The price is for 3 cameramen at the conference and video editing.

by agreement

Shooting of social events

Shooting of social events

320 €

Sestřih lepení tramvaje pro Dopravní podnik Praha


A short montage fits both on Facebook or the web, as well as in an e-mail newsletter. The video we shot for the Prague Transport Company was no exception. This video from the bonding of a new tram for the Don't jump under my wheels campaign has collected thousands of views on the Facebook page.

from 600 €