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Company video for G4S (now Brink´s)

We shot this recruiting company video for G4S (now Brink´s), the world's biggest security agency. The video met with positive feedback from company employees and the public and was used for the Facebook recruitment campaign we created for the company. Price includes screenplay, performers, rotation and editing.

from 1200 €

Company video for JP servis

We shot this company video at a sympatic company in the south of Bohemia. The owner showed us his company, explained what is important to say with a video, and we shot a corporate video, which is now on his company's website. The price includes filming, editing, travel, music and translation and subtitling of the spoken word into English.

1 day of shooting
3 people in crew
Completed in 14 days
from 1800 €

Interior video

How to improve an ordinary open space office into a wonderful place where it is a pleasure to work and meet with colleagues? This will show in our interior video for Price includes shooting and editing.

from 600 €

Recruitment video for the Faculty of Economics, JČU

Dominik Port and Sabina, a pair of influencers, played in this recruitment video. It aimed to attract new students to the school and show great study opportunities at the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia. The price includes writing a screenplay, shooting, actors' fees, post-production, selection of locations, transport, etc.

from 1000 €

Company video of the event

Event recording for the Czech Infrastructure conference. The price includes shooting, editing, professional equipment and background music.

10 hours of shooting
2 people in crew
Completed in 10 days
from 800 €

Corporate video for Toors company

We shot this company video for the biggest garage door manufacturer in Central Europe. Company video is best suited for the promotion of a company, especially in B2B business. We will advise you on the screenplay, shoot and deliver the finished video with subtitles or simple animation. Price for video shooting is only approximate, it varies according to client's requirements.

1500 €

Company video for Medistella

This corporate video for Medistella included shooting, editing and simple animations. We also used a teleprompter during filming, which is an ideal assistant for longer talking to the camera.

from 700 €

Company video for UOL company

This video was intended to introduce the accounting company's service and also to entertain. We created an accounting monster to symbolize the old approach to accounting. The price includes everything from the script, through the shooting to post-production.

from 800 € 1000 €