Do you wan to play in a movie, commercial or music video?

Do you want to be a model, a hostess or maybe an extra for a movie?

Register with us! In our database, dozens of video productions, directors, photographers, advertising and event agencies are looking for people for commercials, clips, photoshoots or corporate events.

Click to register, fill out the short form and we look forward to working with you! Registration only takes 2 minutes!

>>> Special ACTION! Play in the movie! We shoot several 10-15 projects a year, and here you can be sure that we will fill you. More info HERE <<<

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Select the profile type according to its use

Select the profile type according to its use


This is for people like:
- actor / actress
- fashion model
- dancer
- moderator
- hostess
- stuntman / stuntwoman atd.


This is for people like:
- photographer
- video production
- advertising agency
- cameraman
- event agency
- hostesing agency atd.



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Why register with us?

,,In a very quick time after signing up, I got my first offer to play in a hotel video, followed by other offers. I recommend registering. Working with the Markusfilm team is comfortable and I look forward to it. "

Petra, 35 Petra, 35

"I didn't expect to get the role so quickly and easily. I registered in the database, applied for the casting, and the next day they wrote to me that I had been selected. Shooting a commercial on DR. the booster went well and I'm grateful for the cooperation."

Michal, 24 Michal, 24

,,Hello, my name is Dáša, and thanks to the casting database of the Markusfilm studio, I got the opportunity to film and become the main face of the Slovakian Tik Tok channel of the accounting firm UOL."

Dáša, 22 Dáša, 22

"I got the opportunity to film and photograph products for an e-shop with gift items. I can recommend registration."

Dana, 65 Dana, 65

,,Thanks to the casting company Markusfilm, I got the opportunity to play in a music video for the band New electric animals. It was fun, a great experience. :)"

Lucie 35 Lucie 35

,,I was filming an advertising and video on YouTube. Both collaborations were a good experience. :)"

Veronika, 39 Veronika, 39

,,I love make up styling , I have done several courses, and the makeup of the actresses has always been my dream. After signing up for the Markusfilm database, I got several orders. The most interesting collaboration was in making Zorka and Mike Hejdovi on making ads. Super cooperation!"

Věra, 27 Věra, 27

,,Thanks to the casting database I could play in three commercials. When I was shooting a spot on the Futurocube toy, I met new friends, enjoyed enough fun and earned some money for Christmas presents. :)"

Patrik, 17 let Patrik, 17 let

,,Thanks to the casting database, I was able to play in several videos and commercials in Markusfilm's production. The most interesting was probably filming the shot film with YouTuber Hoggy. His video has over 300,000 views. I look forward to other projects! :)"

David, 42 David, 42