Time travel is now possible! Movie will help you do it!

Time travel is now possible! Movie will help you do it!

I'm sure all of us have wondered what time travel would be like. What would it be like to meet medieval knights, walk through 19th century London or see what the world would look like in 2043? It sounds fantastic and incredible, doesn't it? A time machine is still some abstract object from science fiction novels, and if it existed, it would cost crazy money. However, with the movie, it's easily accessible and completely free (you can even earn money doing it!)

Cinematography in Czechia has been developing for many years. It achieved international acclaim in the 1960s. Czech cinematography is still developing rapidly. Our country is a unique location for filmmakers: contrasting backdrops are concentrated in a relatively small area - from the splendid architecture of Prague to the picturesque Czech countryside. Filming in Prague can be passed off as Victorian London, Habsburg Vienna or contemporary New York. This makes the Czech Republic very desirable and attractive to directors and producers from all over the world!

The highly qualified Czech film crew always pleases foreign productions. The director, the main actors, the cameraman... Extras are also a very important part of the film. Since it would be very complicated and costly, they never bring it from their own countries, but use the local population for it. Even YOU can become an extra and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of film!

It is absolutely easy, very interesting and even financially rewarding. Working as an extra is perfectly compatible with studying at school, it can make retirement more interesting and it can also give you a break from the daily office routine. Depending on the film, the extra can become absolutely anyone - a bodyguard for the French Queen Marie Antoinette, a carpenter in medieval Bohemia, a soldier from the First or Second World War... if you are filming a fairy tale or sci-fi movie, you can turn into a fairy, a vampire, a faun or even a centaur in the blink of an eye!

Beautiful decorations and a unique experience will help you forget all your problems. You'll meet new and very interesting people, see famous Hollywood actors perform live and generally learn about the process of making a film, which you can then watch with your family or friends.

To become an extras and travel back in time is possible through specialised casting agencies. We do it too! At Markusfilm we have our own casting database with hundreds of registered actors, actresses, models, hostesses, singers, athletes, artists and extras. People of any age, gender, appearance and race are suitable for this work. You can register HERE. It only takes two minutes and you will be transported to a movie wonderland and have many new experiences with us!



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