5 tips on how video production can help you increase your turnover by 157%!

5 tips on how video production can help you increase your turnover by 157%!

Did you know that a properly shot video can increase website traffic directly from search engines by up to 157% as well as increase turnover?

Properly creating and setting up your video according to best SEO practices will help increase the visibility of your video in organic search results - without a large investment in promotion. Here are five tips on how to do it!

1. Start with a video marketing strategy - try a video and you will see the difference

Video is an important part- not only of marketing, but also of sales goals - it will appeal to many more people than a classic article or social media campaign.

There are a large numbers of different types of videos and it is up to you and your marketing plans to decide which type of video is the right one.

This article on types of video advertising HERE can help you decide.

Does your product solve the problem and do you want to inform others about it?

Or do you want to record a series of lectures, which you would then sell or present on your website?

Maybe a marketing plan will help you, or maybe a completely new strategy - which will definitely pay off.

More than 120,000 people have already seen this video on YouTube, without a single crown invested in advertising!

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2. Set goals and audience for your new video

Start by writing down what you want to achieve with your videos - these goals should coincide with the different phases of your marketing funnel - transforming visitors into customers (awareness, consideration and decision.)

Once you know what you want to achieve, imagine the audience you want to target with your video - find your audience.

At the end of this step, you should know who your product or service is for, what you want them to do after watching your video, and where to find your future customers.

3. Find the story you want to tell

Each video should tell:

  • a complete story involving the main character,
  • your target audience,
  • conflict (problem of the target audience),
  • conflict resolution (your product or service) and
  • the solution itself (how your product or service makes things better).

This scheme is beautifully shown in our advertisement with moderators Zorka and Míra Hejdovy.

Can you find the main character, conflict and its solution? :)

4. Set a deadline and stick to your budget

It's a good idea to have time limits on when you'd like to launch your new campaign - so you need to know the deadline when the video should be ready and then let the production company know the timeline. Keep in mind that some changes may occur.

Changes in the script or the communication itself will take some time, and if the video is really specific, there may be various delays (e.g. when looking for a suitable location or actors.) When creating a timeline, be realistic and take more time.

If you want to create a video with drone flights, explosions or a specific famous actor, the budget can quickly get out of your hand. That's why it's good to have a realistic overview and to think in advance about what the video really should be in order to underline your message.

Your production company may suggest a different type of video to do your purpose much better (such as an animated feature video, which is even cheaper) - and it's worth considering.

What are advertising budgets? How much does each type of ad cost? More in this article!

5. Optimize the title of your video and promote it

Inventing the title of the video itself is also crucial - it should be designed to help you on SEO and search engines. The title should include keywords related to the content of your video and, most importantly, attract viewers. Not only will this new strategy greatly benefit from video promotion.

Each time your video is viewed or a viewer takes a specific action while or after watching a video (shares a video, clicks to reach your site, etc.), your content receives a signal that it is attracting attention.

Google and other search engines will reward you for this engagement by increasing the ranking of your content, search engines will move you higher, show videos more often, and result in more people seeing your content, again leading to more engagement. And so the cycle continues.

More about SEO strategy is discussed in our article: How to shoot a successful video on YouTube? Where you will find valuable advice, tips and case studies.

Video Production - Worth The Work!

Video production services pay off for many reasons - you can use your video in several different ways.

You can use the same video on your website, in email marketing, on social networks and almost anywhere else.

Using your video in multiple places as part of your marketing efforts maximizes the effect of video production and increases your return of investment. Your brand has a unique story that sets you apart from the competition and builds a strong brand identity.

Video is one of the best ways your brand can share this story, while keeping visitors on your site longer and getting them involved. A high quality video and a strong video marketing strategy will help you attract new customers and keep existing ones who are happy to return to you.

What were Markusfilm's best commercials for 2020? How many hundreds of thousands of views did they collect? Do you also want to see behind-the-scenes videos?

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What is a good video for?
Did you know that...

..will a video with up to 50x more chance to appear on the 1st page of Google search?

... about 20% of people read the text on the web, but the same content in the video reaches up to 80% of visitors?

... thanks to the video, the chances of people buying or ordering your services from you will also increase, by up to 65%?

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