Live stream from events - how much does it cost?

Live stream from events - how much does it cost?

How much does a professional live stream from a company event, gala evening or sports match cost?

What factors matter?

We have put together 3 important criteria for determining the price and at the end of the article we gave an example of the price list for this event.

1. Number of cameras and microports

Primarily, it does not depend on the length of the event as many people think. There is no longer any difference if the live event will last 3 hours or 8 hours, but the technician has to prepare and test anyway, which will give the most work.

It therefore depends very much on the number of cameras and microports. It makes a big difference if you want to do a live broadcast with one camera and a moderator, or have eight cameras for different shots and 5 speakers that need to be presented. This increases the amount of people the cameras will operate and the cost of technology.


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2. Venue

Are you planning a live broadcast from a conference in a luxury hotel with many electricity sockets and good wi-fi connection?

Or do you want to get live broadcast from the meadow in the middle of the woods where the music festival takes place and we need to bring a generator?

Or even from multiple locations where you need to move between them while streaming?

So, as you know, price of a live stream depends on the type of the event. The cheapest option is in a place where there is electricity and good wi-fi connection. More expensive option is then somewhere in the field.


3. Duration of the event

Third is the length of the event. Usually the price is calculated for 1 day of shooting (max. 10 hours), but we are willing to give a discount if we only need 4 hours for the event. Although it will not be half the price, because it takes the most preparation and testing of live broadcasts, but some discount comes in handy. :)


Example of price list for Albi game day

Number of cameras: 3 (3 camera operators)

Number of microports: 5

Duration of the event: 10 hours

Venue: Municipal Library of Prague. (Good wi-fi connection and electricity)

+ Consultation of the scenario, check of internet connection 2 days before the event, recording of commercial spots between the outputs on the stage.

Price: 1200 Euros + VAT

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