Event shooting - how much does it cost and what is it good for?

Event shooting - how much does it cost and what is it good for?

What is a good event shoot for? How much does it cost and what does its price matter? You will find all this out in our article today!


1. Great advertising for an event or company

The shoot of an event is an advertisement, namely an advertisement for a trade fair, a corporate event or, for example, a new branch that is just opening.

Even if it is a shoot of something that has already happened, it should bring the company profits or other benefits in the future, and it is necessary to approach this.

Therefore, an appropriate video shoot should have a strong call to action at the end of the video. For example: Come and see our new branch! Or it should feature at least a visible logo.

It should play an advertising role well and attract the attention of viewers. But this is not always the case. For example, in the case of shooting the montage of a machine, the shooting does not need to attract attention. Accurate filming is far more important.


2. Price

The cost of shooting an event depends mainly on its length, the number of cameras (including cameramen) and other specifics. For example, whether to use a drone or other special technique.

A short shooting / editing of the event can be filmed and edited for as little as 6,000 CZK. More upmarket, longer and more detailed edits with more cameramen range between 15-30 thousand CZK.


3. Social networks


Shooting an event will have a good effect on social media. We also recommend having a square version of the video, which is suitable for both Instagram and Facebook, as these networks prefer them.

We will be happy to make a free square video as part of the order.

If the video features some celebrities, then it is shared and provides further advertising for your company or event.

For example, this event shooting includes Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá and Andrea Verešová. We shot it for a luxury jewellery store in Karlovy Vary.


4. Emotions, music and story


The event  shooting should contain a clear story. For example, start, arrival, main program and some interesting ending.

It should also have an emotional appeal. What better way to arouse emotions than through video?

The key element of the shooting is music. It must fit with the event and complement it perfectly, that is why we carefully consider the choice of music when editing the video.


5. Photos


Once our filmmakers are in place, they like to make photos of the event.

If they already have enough recorded material, they will start taking photos with their professional SLR cameras, the client then having the added bonus of extra photos as well as some great video from the event. That's fine, isn't it? :)


Do you need to shoot a corporate event, trade fair, press conference or the opening of a new branch? Or to shoot a quality machine assembly or other process? Do you also need to take pictures of the event?  Contact us!


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