Video advertising - what are it´s types?

Video advertising - what are it´s types?

In today's article, we'll look at each type of video advertisements.

Each type of promo video is used for something different, so it's good to know what they are.

Here we go! :)


1. Product video

It is a brief and clear presentation of a product or service. It describes everything in detail with an emphasis on the brand, benefits, features and quality.

It can be placed on the e-shop or on TV or on social networks. The use of product video is therefore universal.

We shot for example this video for Chilli Doctor and it could easily be used as a TV commercial.

2. Animation / Animated advertising

Animated video is best used to explain a product or service.

There are also various types of animations such as explainer video (explanatory video that shows the functions), classic advertising or animations for PPC campaigns.

We made these animations for the learning application, the Trenýrká e-shop and the Dryout wall dehumidification system.

3. Event recording

Although the recording aims to objectively show an event, the result is also an advertisement.


Because it is intended to attract future visitors to the event, get them to buy a ticket or take further action, for example, to give them a like on social networks or subscribe to a newsletter.

In the case of corporate events, it is there to promote the brand, for example when opening a new store, as was the case with the recording of the event for the Glamor jewelry store in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad, Czech Republic).

4. Video tutorial / Video recipe

It should explain how something works or describe the product so that the customer can make a better purchase decision.

It works particularly well when the customer is undecided.

For example, for a Korean bistro, we shot this video recipe, thanks to which customers started to buy the ingredients featured.

For the Albi company, we then filmed a video tutorial for the board game Gloomhaven.

5. Cinema advertising

Advertising for a cinema before the screening of the film. Length is often important.

This commercial was shot for the e-shop and screened at the Febiofest film festival.

The request from client was 30 seconds length of the video, no more, no less. :)



6. PPC advertising

In the case of PPC advertising, it is important that various formats are considered before shooting begins.

For example, Facebook prefers square video or, in the case of Instagram, even portrait video.

Therefore, we discuss with clients in advance whether they will want to use the video for PPC campaigns as well.


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7. Hotel video

This type of video promotes a hotel and its services.

It can feature the hotel rooms, show guests what the hotel bar offers or promote special cultural events.

But it is also great for the web or social networks.

We shot this video for Grand Hotel Bohemia.


8. Company / corporate video

This shows how the company works. Used primarily for B2B business, it can effectively illustrate, for example, how sales representatives deal with clients.

It is also suitable for the web, as shown by this video, which has been on the Toors website for 6 years and still serves its purpose perfectly.


9. Interior video

This type of video demonstrates spaces, for example for developers, interior designers or architects.

This video was ordered from us by the apartment studio. 



 10. Classic advertising

This may be used absolutely anywhere! On social networks, on television or on the web.

We shot this video with Zorka and Míra Hejdová for the product Easy Cooking.



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