Video production - 5 things that good video production should have

Video production - 5 things that good video production should have

Are you looking for video production for shooting advertising, music clip, product video or event?

Not sure what criteria to decide? Then read on. :)

In this article, you will learn 5 things that a quality video production should have.


1) Portfolio and experiences

Did that video production produce a video similar to yours? Does it have enough ads, product videos, corporate videos, event records, or wedding videos in its portfolio?

Does a video production have years of experience? Or is it just a year on the market and still learning on each new order and is there a great chance that the contract fails?

If it has at least 5-10 years of experiences and dozens of videos in its portfolio, you are more confident that also your video will be done well. If not, find out a lot information about their style of videos.

Believe it or not, there's a lot things to go wrong with a video!

For example:

- Video productions takes the wrong technique that is not suitable for the commercial or video.

- Unrealistically plan the shooting schedule so that it will not prosecute everything.

- Does not cast on top actors or performers, but just pick someone who will look unreliable in front of the camera.

- Does not scout the shooting location and then find out on the shooting day that the room has poor acoustics.

And more and more mistakes ...

It also tells a lot about the number and type of clients that a given video production had in the past. Reference is therefore also a good source for decision making.

2) Time schedule

a) How long does it take to prepare for shooting?

b) How long after the video is shot, wil youl get the finished video clip?

Work schedules are often very important in planned campaigns.

For example, if a client plans to run an ad at the end of October and suddenly finds out that the cut will be ready at the end of November, because video production is working on other projects now, it is wrong. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clarify this in advance, then you will save enough stress and worries.

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3) Payment method

Do you pay for the project (the final fixed amount of money for the video) or do you pay for every hour?

This is a good idea at the outset. The right video production should describe the price process and clearly state what is included in the price and what things are already paid for. So you don't get burned and suddenly find that you're paying thousands more for unclear costs, like captions, animations, or additional video fixes.

It is also good to have a clear price list of services, which shows the indicative prices of other orders.


4) Additional services

Can video production help you with casting actors, animations, arranging studios or even looking for props?

This is all the added value you will appreciate. The more a given video production is a full house, the less you then have to look for and worry and save money and time.


5) Are they just filmmakers or marketers?

Nowadays the digital revolution is not such a problem to create content, it is also important to understand how video content works on the Internet.

Why is it also good to shoot a square video? Because Facebook supports it and the video will have more reach in campaigns ...

Why is it good to tag a video correctly on YouTube and give it the right description? Because it provides you with better searchability ...

There are many such patterns. So if the video production is full of proficient filmmakers, then it is not enough today. It is good that filmmakers also know something about online marketing.

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Article author:

Mgr. Marek Dvořák

CEO of Markusfilm s.r.o.


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