Making of music videos

Making of music videos

In today's article we will be happy to take a look behind the scenes of making music videos.

The first music video is for the band called Interpret neznámý and the second one for the American production Thookz. 

We shot the music video for the band Interpret neznámý at 3 locations

- Chateau in Brandys na Labem

- Café Potrvá in Dejvice

- in the center of Prague.

The clip was demanding both on the amount of his props (car veteran Pragovka from 1930, Thompson submachine gun, clothes), and on the locations (bar rental, chateau rooms, etc.).

But did we think it was worth what you say? :)

Here is making of, unfortunately is in czech language, but you can see, how we worked. :) 


Here's the finished clip:

We shot the clip for the American production Thookz in the Hexar studio near Zličín. We got 2 girls as extras, smoke machine and other props.
Here is making of:


We are working hard on finishing this music clip.

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