What are the trends in video ads and how to improve the reach and effectiveness of your marketing?

What are the trends in video ads and how to improve the reach and effectiveness of your marketing?

A video ad is promotional content that is played before, during, or after streaming content. It is also one of the most popular ways to reach online audiences.

And the results speak for themselves - video advertising can increase website traffic and sales a hundred times faster than any other advertisement. Let's take a look at the trends in video ads and how such a 30-second video can improve the reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

What are the trends in digital video advertising?

1. Video ads don't have to be that short

YouTube was one of the first platforms to offer six-second ads. More about why advertising on YouTube pays off HERE. However, since the end of 2015, the most popular video ad length is 30 seconds, and data suggests that if a video is catchy, people are willing to pay attention a little longer.

The advantage of the longer format is that advertisers have more time to tell the story and bring viewer into that story.

Sample of a 30-second video spot for Eco Power

2. Mobile users will last longer with video ads

Research at statista.com showed that 72% of smartphone users watching impressive video advertising on their phone longer and then continue to interact, which paid off especially for advertisers who chose a 30-second commercial instead of a six-second.

The interaction with the video itself, ie a click or a visit to the website, was up to seven times higher than for viewers watching a video ad behind a computer screen. You can read about the types of ads HERE.

Even among mobile users, however, attention drops after 22 seconds. This suggests how an advertiser should break down the content of their video - that is to set the most important message at the beginning, visually impress the viewer, and make the message simple, fun, and memorable.

Advertising spot for protrenink.cz

3. Animation is becoming more and more popular

The goal of any video ad campaign is to keep the viewer interested. Animation comes to the forefront of all types of video ads with graphics and cartoon, animated content, giving the video a story and playfulness; the video is live and the content remains relevant.

Animation for trenyrkarna.cz

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Video ad effectiveness

Video advertising works for many reasons. Video content stays in the viewers' minds much longer than plain text, and the likelihood of branding increases rapidly. You can find out how the video is created and what the voiceover is for HERE.

Videos can tell stories and help a brand grow their voice - effective video marketing can generate thousands to millions of views and shares in a relatively short time, shortening the return on investment.

Use caution if the above video ad trends have forced you to act. Set goals and then, in collaboration with an experienced company, create ads that the viewer will not only remember but also enjoy.

The best news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to create effective video. Contact us - we'll help you choose the best type of ad, create content, and script until the final video is ready to share.

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