How to film a hotel video?

How to film a hotel video?

Today we will invite you to a luxury hotel with a long history and tradition located in the heart of Prague. They reached out to us about filming an advertisement.

Yes, it is the Grand Hotel Bohemia!

You will find out what technology we used while filming this hotel promo video and what price range a similar video could be filmed for.


1. Technology


  • 2 full frame cameras Sony A7S for a perfect quality picture
  • Canon lens 16-35 with a brightness of 2.8 for stunning wide-angle shots
  • Canon 50-100 lens with 1.8 apertures for beautiful depth of field
  • Ronin M stabilizer for smooth passages through rooms, corridors and hotel rooms

Are you interested in more? Here is a video from the whole shoot! :)


2. Story


We tried to imprint a short story on the video.

So, the video starts with the sequence of the guest's arrival at the hotel and then shots of the hotel, breakfast, reception, and the interesting detail of a self-playing piano!

The video then ends with footage of the beautiful Boccaccio Hall and dinner with operatic singing.


3. Price


The price of a similar hotel video is CZK 20-40 thousand. It then depends on individual requirements such as the number of cameramen, the length of the video, etc.

You can see the result here:


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