How to film a commercial in 7 days? Case study

How to film a commercial in 7 days? Case study

Need to quickly create a commercial?

There is not always a lot of time for production-intensive commercials that require script writing and reworking, casting, location selection, filming, and complex post-production.

It may happen that you conveniently negotiate advertising or media space somewhere, but suddenly you find out that you do not have a promo video that you could use, and you need a promo video as soon as possible.

This is exactly today's case study, when we created an advertisement for the Febiofest film festival for the client in 7 days.

So how did everything go? What is important to clarify?

In this article we will be happy to share with you a few tips!

Here is everything described day after day:


Day 1

We received an e-mail in the evening stating something like: We need an advertisement for the Febiofest film festival as soon as possible. Please suggest a solution. We have no experience with anything like this. Here is a link to our website, we sell carpets. The spot must be 30 seconds long.

Here is another challenge! So, we started thinking about everything quickly.


Day 2

The very next day was followed by getting acquainted with the client's business, we wrote him the following questions:

- What information do you want to communicate in the promo video?

- What tone should the ad sound like? Friendly? Harshly? Excited? Manly? Romantic? Neutral?

- What makes an e-shop interesting, what more can it offer than other companies?

And other similar questions. We wrote it all down and started planning.


Day 3

After careful thought, we concluded that it doesn't make sense to make a complicated feature commercial or animation.

There is too little time, the priority is to catch everything.

We will make a web animation with additional icons and accompanying animated elements.

We immediately mobilized animator Dominika Zítka and moderator Karel Zídka. (no, it's not a typo, they're not brothers :) and we checked to see if they both have time for such a video.

They both confirmed that yes, so the script began to be written right away.


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Day 4

This day was marked by writing and editing the script. We wrote two versions and tried its length.

The scenario was then modified several times after consultation with the client.

Some passages were written differently, a few words were given away, something was adjusted, etc., so that the spot would fit beautifully into the length and style of the planned video.

The company has Aladin as their mascot and at the same time wants to tell the message that buying a carpet on the web will save a lot of time.

So we immediately came up with the slogan: Leave flying on the carpets to Aladin, you enjoy the time saved!

Fine, right? : D



Day 5

The script was sent to a moderator and animator. The moderator said a voiceover and the animator went to work on it that day.


Day 6

We had a trial version, about half of the commercial. We wanted to verify that the animation can continue with this style.

We enthusiastically got the green light from the client, so it continued to animate.


Day 7

On this day, we finished the commercial and incorporated all the comments.

Tadaaaaaa, the ad is ready in incredible time and can start the Febiofest festival.

Will you collaborator another ad with us? :)

I hope you enjoyed this article. Write to us and we will be happy to film you an advertisement. Yeah and here's the result!

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