How did we shoot a product video?

How did we shoot a product video?

In today's article, you will learn how to make a product video for Erkado or any similar business and what the benefits are.

Erkado is a company that supplies cases for sliding doors for walls. This is an efficiant solution for all types of buildings, and allows greater use of all spaces.

The company approached us and asked if we could make a product video of the sliding door.

1. Filming and location

The video is approximately one minute long and the process took about 3 hours. The filming took a place in the Prague daylight photo / video studio Tomorrow 55 in Prague Holešovice, which offers complete facilities and technical equipment.

The space was large and the shooting went very smoothly. The studio has a large amount of equipment for rent, such as LED lights, tripods, softboxes, spotlights, etc.

2. Technology

We used our Sony A7S main camera for shooting, which we have used countless times and it is our most common and most popular "machine" for shooting. We used two camera lenses alternately and a fixed "fifty" and  24-105 mm, f / 4 - universal lens for many types of videos. We also used Canon EOS 6D to take some product photos.

We used tripods and a slider for the cameras, which helped create smooth shots, as well as used the studio's softboxes. You can learn about our technology HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you would like an advertisment from us we will be happy to shoot one for you, if you contact us.

If you want to know how and why it will increase product video sales, take a look at our article HERE.


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