Updated 12/19/2022

What exactly is the Markusfilm Gala Evening?

➡️ It is a unique event in a cinema in the heart of Prague to celebrate the past year and a meeting of people from the world of film, advertising, our team, friends, clients or even YouTubers who participated in the CineTube YouTube event organized by us. 🙂

We sincerely thank all our business partners, filmmakers, marketers, influencers, companies and of course the Markusfilm friends and team who came to the Markusfilm Gala Evening 2022!! 🧡

➡️ Excellent was wine (Pálava from a selected Moravian cellar had particularly good reviews :))),

many people talked and maybe get new friendships and contacts and took pictures with Thor or Marilyn Monroe. 🎬

➡️ The main program then included a singing performance by the great singer Lenka Konvičková,

dance groups Demo and projecting of several videos and also our short film based on James Bond movies.

➡️ Our gala evening was also visited by many YouTubers who used to go to our previous CineTube event!

For everything, let's name the biggest YouTubers of the Czech scene, Ati (over 550 thousand subscribers), Natyla (over 350 thousand subscribers), Lukefry (over 250 thousand subscribers) or Dominika Port (over 135 thousand subscribers).

➡️ There was also the presentation of the Oscars! 😊

➡️ In cinema 35 near Wenceslas Square, where our gala evening was held, Markus had the premiere of his first film 13 years ago as a high school student, that is why the gala evening was held there, so it was a nice reminder. :)

And how was it all? Here is a cut of the gala and some photos. :)




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