What is voiceover and what rather not forget when creating video

What is voiceover and what rather not forget when creating video

Videos can tell stories and help the brand grow their voice - effective video marketing can generate hundreds of thousands of views and shares in a relatively short time, which shortens the duration of the return on investment. Video is also a rich visual tool with which you can share any message and is one of the fastest ways to communicate with your audience.

It's important to not only convey information about your product or service, but more importantly, your audience will see your ad as truly valuable and relevant. In an already too crowded space, traders have to excel. This is where a voiceover can help. You can read about the types of ads HERE.

What is a voiceover and what are its benefits?

A voiceover is an off-screen speaker whose voice is added to a video clip. The voice describes, performs, or explains in detail what is happening in the video.

Creating a video that stops the viewer while scrolling on social networks, adding a comment or "like" and sharing the video will bring significant benefits not only to the company itself, but also to the whole brand or creatively - it will take your marketing game to a much higher level.

The background music itself is a matter of course, while the voiceover adds another level to the video - not only the image but also the relevant sound - the voice - affects the viewer's senses.

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Personalize your marketing

A properly crafted voiceover can add a personal touch to any video. Whether you're trying to have a fun or exciting tone, or if your ad is about more serious topics, voice commentary will allow you to fully customize the video content and complete the desired emotion with the viewer.

The stories themselves create emotions, but we have a very limited time in advertising, so we need to communicate as much important information as possible in a few seconds, which the voiceover will help us with - now we have the image and sound. Read about how to create a commercial in 7 days HERE.

Build trust with the viewer

We trust the voices. People talk to us all the time - whether in person, on the radio, on television or on the movie screen. The human voice and listening to the spoken word is completely natural for us, which means trust. Therefore, adding comments to your marketing video is a great way to boost the trust and credibility of the content and your product or service to your audience.

Support customer action

Call to action is a great way to encourage your audience to take the action you want.

By saying your requested invitation (visit the website, buy, log in, etc.) aloud, the probability that this sentence will appeal to a potential customer enough to perform the desired behavior - click for more content, visit your website or buy from you - increases rapidly. More about how the video will turn you around here.

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Video marketing tips

The goal of video marketing is to capture the viewer's attention during the first 10 seconds. 80% of viewers will only watch the video for 0-30 seconds. Go through the minute mark and only 65% ​​of the spectators will stay with you.

Therefore, when creating a video, focus on the following key points:

  • keep the word count at about 150
  • communicate only relevant content as soon as possible
  • Think about the audience and what your potential client's desired behavior should look like and how the words used in your video script will affect them.
  • Find the right tone for your audience
  • Consider background sound

And last but not least, bring your script to life with a professional video company. Let us know and give your brand not only a story but also a voice.



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